Higgs Domino Island Texas HoldEm Tips

Let’s face it, Higgs Domino Island can be a pretty addictive game. That’s even more true for its Texas Holdem Poker game mode, which probably offers you the most rewarding experience—if you get it right, that is. Chances are you want to learn how to maximize your winnings, so let’s dive right in!

Know when to Bluff

As some similar games, Texas Holdem Poker practically demands you to be a good bluffer. But how often you bluff is extremely vital too. Overdoing it exposes you to the risk of getting called out by your peers. Not doing it enough would mean that you miss out on the chance to win big.

The best way to go about bluffing is to determine if you have a good enough card to play with. You must find the right mix between risk and reward, so only run the risk if you think your card will push the game towards a bigger pot. Otherwise, it’s probably not worth wasting your bluff over.

Don’t play too Safe

The next time you have a strong hand and still decide not to raise the pot, think about all the potential earnings you are missing out on. In Domino Higgs, the reward in such scenarios is usually greater than the risk you take. So give yourself more credit and bet on your deck to win it all!

Know when to Fold

Let’s set the scene: you’ve just been dealt one poor deck after the other and are now finding it very difficult to stop yourself from matching the last bet. So you decide to play your poor hand. Well, you probably just made a common poker mistake. 

Like we said before, it’s great to be confident in your hand. But there comes a point where it’s pretty obvious that you don’t have the best of cards. In such instances, it’s best to take a step back and live to fight another day.

You don’t want to go overboard with the number of hands you play. Every time you do so, you’ll increase the instances where you have to fold and thus lose your chips and credits.

Instead, limit playing your hands to moments where you are sure you have the better cards. This will not only conserve your chips and credits but also keep your chances of winning higher at the same time. The key here is not to get frustrated if you are dealt weaker hands; rather, wait for the right opportunity to strike.


Hopefully, we have done just about enough for you to earn some big bucks in Texas Holdem. You might have lost money in the past, but now’s your chance to earn it all back, this time through a way other tha Time to play and win!

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