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Langtang Valley Before And After 2015 Earthquake

A well-known hiking location in Nepal’s north-central Himalayas is Langtang Valley Trek. The valley, which is in Nepal on the Tibetan border, is well-known for its breathtaking scenery. A distinct blend of cultures and snow-capped mountains have always drawn visitors. But back in 2015, this lovely valley had to face a terrible earthquake. People thought that the Lantang Valley journey would come to an end as a result of this disaster. Still, it was shown to be incorrect. 

There are many topics to discuss when comparing the Langtang Valley before and after the earthquake. Major portions of Nepal were severely damaged by the 2015 earthquake. On the other hand, among the locations most devastated was Lantang.

In addition to an earthquake, there was an avalanche that hit the valley. The Valley was completely destroyed as a result, with no homes, many deaths, etc. The debris from the collapsed house, along with rocks, stones, sand, and snow, covered the entire valley. Over 400 locals lost their lives as a result of this calamity. 

Even with such extreme destruction, Lantang Valley recovered. This is a brief timeline of Lantang Valley during the earthquake, as well as before and after.

How was Langtang Valley before the earthquake?

Lantang was a modest village with a fairly ordinary way of life; it was yet lovely. People employed in agriculture, cattle, animal husbandry, and the lodging industry were the main drivers of the valley’s prosperity. The people who live in the Lantang region are Gurung, Sherpa, and Tamang people. This was also the situation prior to the earthquake. Herding goats and yaks was this people’s daily occupation. The way of life in the area was quite traditional and wholesome.

The trekking industry employed people as well. To accommodate trekkers, there were numerous tea shops and lodges. There were several options for homestays, where visitors may reside with natives. The region was experiencing a healthy boom in tourism. For the locals, it was about to become their primary and most advantageous source of revenue. 

All of this normal routine, nevertheless, was upended on April 25, 2015. In Nepal, a massive earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 claimed about 9,000 lives. Lantang was among the cities and villages that suffered the most from it. It destroyed many of them. Numerous people perished and nearly every home in the valley was destroyed.

How is Langtang Valley now?

Although Lantang Valley has undergone significant changes, its essence remains unchanged from before 2015. The 2015 earthquake left the valley devastated, but it was able to recover. But after the earthquake, the valley’s architect has undergone some changes. 

The infrastructure of the hamlets is made up of temporary fixtures. The reconstructed homes are a little less robust. The town is still a popular travel destination. Nonetheless, compared to earlier conventional construction, many of the hamlets feature more concrete structures. Rebuilt are notable infrastructures such as the Kyanjin Gompa monastery. There are currently new schools and health facilities available. The tourism industry has also recovered and is operating as it was before to the earthquake. 
Even today, the Lantang Valley is renowned for being a well-liked tourist attraction and for having thriving local communities. The resiliency of this town is a true monument to the power and spirit of people.

How did Lantang Valley bounce back?

Several months later, Lantang was able to receive outside help to rebuild itself. Several national and international volunteers came to the remote villages and helped the locals. Homes, local tea houses, monasteries, and hotels started getting reconstructed. Aids helped construct new schools and clinics in the villages, too. A brand new community center was also built during this reconstruction phase.

Various organizations have taken part in helping Lantang get back on its feet. One of the major ones was a fund literally meant to help Lantang Trek specifically for earthquake relief. It was called the Lantang Relief Fund. This organization helped to resettle victims of earthquakes. Food, shelter, and medical supplies were transported through aid. Campaigns to send resources were started through social media sites as well.

After a few months, Lantang was able to reconstruct itself with outside assistance. Numerous volunteers from both domestic and other countries visited the isolated communities to assist the residents. Reconstruction of residences, neighborhood tea houses, monasteries, and hotels began. Aids has contributed to the building of new clinics and schools in the areas. During this period of restoration, a brand-new community center was furthermore constructed. 

Numerous groups have contributed to Lantang’s recovery efforts. One of the most significant was a fund created expressly to assist Lantang with earthquake assistance. The Lantang Relief Fund was its name. This group assisted in resettling earthquake victims. Through aid, food, housing, and medical supplies were delivered. Social media platforms were used to launch resource-sending campaigns as well.

The Himalayan Climate Initiative, another organization, was also a huge assistance. This group assisted with the reconstruction of homes as well as the installation of solar panels in the villages. Numerous young people from Nepal and other countries participated. 

Rebuilding of Lantang was also aided by Sunaulo Sansar, an NGO with its headquarters in Kathmandu. The Barbal neighborhood of Lantang served as their principal place of employment. People from Switzerland, Italy, and Germany donated to this NGO in order to help with restoration initiatives. It was advantageous to those who the earthquake uprooted. In order to construct their homes, the locals also acquired supplies like sand, cement, steel, iron, etc.

Is Lantang suitable for trekking now?

It is entirely feasible for you to traverse the Langtang Valley Trek right now. The pathways are free of the debris and barriers left over from the earthquake that occurred over ten years ago. Furthermore, this remarkable valley has returned to its former splendor. The same level of scenic magnificence that these pathways have before to the earthquake is still available to you. The people, the subalpine forests, the fauna, and the mountain views are all incredibly colorful. If someone told you that the valley was believed to have been destroyed eight years ago, you would not believe them.

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