Exploring Kokoa TV a Comprehensive Guide to Soth Korea’s Rising Streaming Platform


Do you hear about streaming media platforms? Kokoa TV is a streaming platform and app that provides exclusive access to movies, dramas, series, music, live shows, cartoons, news, sports, and more this kokoa app is a paid version that provides you with more relaxing features if you worry about your security so don’t worry it is a trustworthy platform which not much famous as Netflix or killer but can’t be a stronger competitor in future.

In this exclusive guide, we will discover details about Kokoa TV, its features, plans, pros & cons & much more. So please stick with us, and let’s enjoy a comprehensive guide on Kokoa TV.

Well, before we explore it all. It is especially important first to understand what exactly the Koka TV is. So, let’s unfold it!

What is Kokoa TV?

Kokoa TV is a famous streaming service providing its audience with thousands of TV shows and movies. You can also get a subscription, which is paid to get a wide range of libraries available that include blockbuster shows, hit movies, favorite series, and many more.

The Kokoa TV app is also available to stream an exclusive range of entertainment dramas, movies, and serials on smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and other devices. Well, this platform is handy as you can customize it by choosing your favorite show, subscribing to it, getting control based on recommendations, and building a playlist according to your choice.

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Background Of Kokoa TV

Kokoa Entertainment, a South Korean media and entertainment firm, owns Kokoa TV. – South Korea Media also has a famous message app known as Kokoa Talk Well, this platform was founded in June 2015. It is the most trustworthy and exclusive streaming media. Since its launch, it has become a significant streaming player in South Korea, with 10 million active users.

KokoaTv Content

Kokoa TV provides a variety of content as per user preference, including.


Well, you can find several types of movies according to your choice, like

  • Action: action movies are filled with thrill, suspense, adventure film
  • Comedy: These movies are shot to make you laugh and are filled with funny and humorous skits.
  • Romance: These movies are filled with love stories for good taste
  • Horror: Horror movies are full of mystery, suspense & horror stories
  • Documentary: These are based on an extraordinary personal real life that the film just inspired them.


  • Rom-com: These dramas are filled with heartwarming & funny stories
  • Melodrama: These dramas are emotional dramas based on inspirational stories
  • Thriller drama: These dramas are about some stories which are too. Much suspense and thrill
  • Historical drama: These dramas are filmed based on any historical event


  • Anime: Japanese cartoon anime is also available on Kokoa TV for all ages.
  • Animated film: Animated films or cartoons can be found on Kokoa TV, which are for kids
  • Kids show: Educational and entertainment shoots for children are also available.

Live shows

  • Music Show: These shows can be found here and have live performances by famous Korean artists, K-pop artists, or others.
  • Talk show: These shows are based on interviewing celebrities and influencers
  • Sport: You can also discover sports on Kokoa TV, which is a live broadcast
  • News: Live news updates and reports are available

Well, all this content is available on Kokoa TV. Isn’t it so exclusive and exciting?

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Kokoa TV Free Trial & Plans

Here is some information about the free trial and plan of Kokoa TV

Free Trial

Kokoa TV provides you a free trial period to secure that you have to:

  • Visit Kokoa TV to begin a free trial.
  • Provide your personal information that includes email, birthday, username & password.
  • This information will help you log in.


Kokoa TV provides three basic methods that include.

  • Essential: This plan provides a 60-channel that includes the local station, news, kid series, sports, & lifestyle. No yearly contract
  • Extra: This second plan, Extra, includes everything in the Essential program, including entertainment channel 15. It consists of paramount network fox and fixes & can include some demanded content, but it requires a yearly contract.
  • Ultimate: This last plan includes everything in the essential & extra program with some premium channels like HBO, Showtime & cinemas. It gives an exclusive library of different content but requires a yearly agreement.

How To Sign Up for KokoaTv?

To sign up or to create an account on Kokoa TV, follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, download the Kokoa TV app from the Google Play store
  • Secondly, open the Kokoa app and click on the sign-in
  • Enter your email address, password, birthday
  • Click on agree to the terms of service and privacy policy
  • Click on the signup

Once you sign up, you will be allowed to access the features and channels of Kokoa TV.

Pros & Cons of Kokoa TV


Massive Range of Content

On Kokoa TV, a wide variety of content like live shows, movies, dramas, cartoons, news & sports are available.

Affordable Plan

Kokoa TV provides three affordable plans for customers that will suit their needs and budgets.

High-Quality Streaming

Kokoa TV provides smooth and high-quality streaming that gives you a relaxing journey with buffering.

User-friendly interface

The Kokoa TV interface is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.

Offline Viewing

One of the best features is that you can download anything and view it when you are offline.

However, as there are many advantages of kokoa TV, there some disadvantages of it that are:


Limited Availability

Kokoa TV can’t be accessed in all regions of the world. It is available in South Korea and some others.

Age restrictions

Age restrictions mean some courses are prohibited due to young viewers.

Final Verdict

So here we all have it; we already have discussed everything about the latest trendy streaming service with a massive category of content and many advantages & disadvantages with a reasonable plan and the opportunity of a free trial.

So here is all about Kokoa TV, so take advantage of the chance to use an excellent new streaming app. Go and archive the unique, thrilling, and fantastic experience.

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